Target-based well-being
in the workplace

A background factor for the successes and efficiency of our enthusiastic and committed personnel is VVO Group’s comprehensive and extensive investments in supporting and developing well-being in the workplace. Coping with work is supported by flexible working hours and work arrangements, comprehensive occupational health services and diverse opportunities for sports and recreation.

Throughout 2015, team spirit was strengthened at common parties and events, such as the joint sports event arranged for all employees in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the units’ well-being afternoon events and the entire Group’s strategy meeting.

As of the beginning of 2015, the responsibility for the overall occupational healthcare was transferred and centralised to Terveystalo at the national level. The Työoptimi survey was arranged in early 2015 to chart the likelihood of risks to the personnel’s ability to work. On the basis of this survey, methodical support measures and systematic preventive monitoring were launched to avoid health risks and to ensure the ability to cope with work.

A campaign was organised for promoting good office ergonomics and for encouraging the personnel to take necessary breaks, to change work positions, to hold meetings standing up, and to reduce excessive sitting that is harmful to health. The Ylös sohvalta (Get up from the couch) campaign aimed at increasing overall physical activity and its health effects and involved the monitoring of the number and diversity of physical activities as well as the overall healthiness of the lifestyle with a new mobile application.

In 2015, VVO Group’s Equality and equal opportunities plan was updated to meet the requirements of legislative amendments. The most important target of the plan is to increase equality-related awareness and transparency as well as to take the jointly planned measures to promote more equal treatment at work.

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