VVO Group’s mission: We create safer and better rental housing.

VVO Group plc’s business consists of the ownership and rental of apartments and the provision of innovative housing services. Our key product is the rental apartment.

The company’s values are profitability, innovativeness, reliability and client satisfaction.

Our vision is to be the most desirable and efficient landlord. Our 45,000 apartments in growth centres provide homes to 80,000 satisfied residents, to whom VVO Group offers good and safe rental housing and innovative Lumo housing services. The Group is the number-one choice for rental housing. The Group can achieve the best efficiency in its sector with economies of scale and progressive operating models.

The realisation of the vision requires

  • extensive supply and continuous service development
  • safety both in the tenancy and in the living environment
  • easy and effortless service and innovative housing services
  • utilisation of best practices

The strategic key indicators until the end of 2018

Apartment assets EUR 5.0 billion
Rental apartments 45,000
Operative result of the Non-subsidised segment as a percentage of turnover  32%
Equity ratio  
- Non-subsidised segment >35%
- State-subsidised segment >12%
Net promoter score 40

The following have been defined as the strategic focal points for 2015–2018:

  1. a long-term increase in supply and shareholders’ value
  2. the best solutions for rental housing and a good customer experience
  3. sustainable operations and efficient operating models
  4. a pioneer in rental housing
  5. a competent and attractive company

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