Committed personnel

Distribution of employees among various tasks

Sarake 1
Building management19
Rental operations20
Customer service centre6
Other tasks10
Lifecycle management3
Marketing and communications3
ICT and development6
Financial management12

Our personnel works in positions related to customers, investments and real estate development as well as in support functions. Our work creates safer and better rental housing. We continuously strive to be the most desirable and efficient landlord in Finland. Operating responsibly and managing corporate responsibility are part of what we do every day throughout our organisation. Our responsible business operations are based on our values: reliability, client satisfaction, profitability and innovativeness.

Fairness and transparent operating models and methods are at the core of VVO Group’s responsible human resource management. Interesting tasks, good managerial work, clear targets and the opportunity to improve their circumstances and develop themselves give employees a passion for their work.

To strengthen their competencies, VVO Group offers managers and other personnel training and various development paths. In 2015, all managers learned more about the skills needed in the changing managerial work by taking part in the strategy-based J360 group coaching programme. As for personnel, the comprehensive A2 sales and customer service training programme was continued, among other things. Opportunities to learn new things were also offered by many different projects, such as the development of the VVOon1 innovation process and the Lumo online service.

VVO Group again among the best employers in the Responsible Summer Job campaign

Summer employee satisfaction

On a scale from 1 to 4VVO Groupcontrol group
Summer employees, recommend VVO as an employer3.963.72

In 2015, VVO Group hired 50 summer employees in different locations around Finland. For the second time in its history, the Group participated in the Responsible Summer Job 2015 campaign which recognises the most responsible summer job employers in Finland with awards. VVO Group came second among the 60 companies in the major employer category. The aspects that the summer employees considered particularly positive were VVO’s application process, the warm and fair atmosphere as well as the induction and guidance provided. In addition, summer employees came up with innovative ideas for developing VVO Group’s operations, inspired by the CEO.


During 2015, the Group wanted to strengthen the recognition of the good and the successful in everyday work. To support this, we launched the #HyväMe (#WayToGo) hashtag and invited the entire personnel to use it. The #HyväMe hashtag increased the visibility of and enthusiasm about common successes, encouraging managerial work, good team work, benefits, events and other causes for happiness. In addition, we opened a #HyväMe page on the Intranet, giving the personnel an opportunity to share good and inspiring practices.

Participating in the Great Place to Work survey

The #HyväMe page on the Intranet also proved useful in identifying good management practices as VVO Group, for the first time in its history, participated in the Great Place to Work survey and management practices audit. On the basis of the Trust Index results describing the personnel’s views, VVO Group, as a whole, was considered a very good place to work (89 per cent of the personnel). The result were nearly on a par with Finland’s best places to work. By participating in the Great Place to Work employer image survey, the Group could learn what to improve in order to become one of Finland’s greatest places to work in the future.

Great Place to Work, Trust Index 2015

%2015, Great Place to Work
control group92
VVO Group89

Personnel satisfaction 2013 and 2014

%2013, People Power index2014, People Power index
control group6567
VVO Group74.776.5

Recognition as one of Finland’s most inspiring places to work

VVO Group was recognised as one of Finland’s most inspiring places to work in the Suomen innostavimmat työpaikat 2015 assessment, on the basis of the results of the previous year’s personnel survey. This recognition was only awarded to approximately six per cent of the hundreds and hundreds of Finnish companies that conducted the People Power® personnel survey. The Suomen innostavimmat työpaikat recognition is based on the personnel’s views on how VVO Group has invested in developing operations and listening to the personnel. According to the assessment results, the Group’s personnel is enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to work towards the company’s goals.

Gender distributionof employees

Sarake 1Sarake 2
Women 63 %630
Men 37 %370

Age distribution of employees

less than 201
more than 6011

At the end of 2015, VVO had a total of 356 (343) employees, of which 323 (317) were on permanent contracts and 33 (26) were on temporary contracts.

The average number of personnel during the year was 364 (339). The average length of service was 11.4 (11.2) years. Personnel turnover in 2015 was 13.5 (14.0) per cent.


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