Auditing the accounts

Audits are completed by the auditors elected at the Annual General Meeting. The company has one to three auditors and their deputies. If an auditing firm is selected as an auditor, no deputy is required. All auditors and deputy auditors must be chartered accountants or accounting firms as stipulated in the Auditing Act. In addition, one (1) auditor and one (1) deputy auditor must be an Authorised Public Accountant (KHT) or an Authorised Public Accounting Firm, approved by the Central Chamber of Commerce.

The term of the auditors is one (1) year and ends at the close of the Annual General Meeting.

The auditor for the financial year 1 January–31 December 2015 was KPMG Oy Ab. The auditor with principal responsibility for the auditing firm has been Kai Salli, KHT.

During the statutory annual audit, the auditor inspects the company’s accounts, annual report, financial statements, and governance for the period under review. The auditor of the parent company also inspects the consolidated financial statements and relationships between Group companies.




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