Housing investments
in growth centres



Investment decisions amounting to EUR million


Our goal is to start the construction of a minimum of 1,000 new apartments each year and to increase the number of apartments by acquiring old housing stock, too. In 2015, VVO Group decided to invest approximately EUR 300 million in new construction, housing acquisitions, and repairs and renovations.

There were more new development start-ups than in the previous year, mainly in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. During the financial year, VVO launched the development of 798 new Lumo apartments. At the end of the year, 1,189 privately financed rental apartments were under construction.



privately financed rental apartments under construction


VVO Group’s divestments largely took place in municipalities where demand for rental housing is expected to decrease in the long term. VVO sold a total of 458 apartments during 2015.

The Group spent a total of EUR 92.3 million on repairs and renovations during 2015.

Number of apartments

Rivi 140,19440,79341,153

Net rental income, Non-subsidised segment

EUR million20112012201320142015

Apartment distribution

1 room 7,9617,961
2 rooms 20,94920,949
3 rooms 9,6539,653
4 rooms+ 2,2302,230

Nationwide apartment distribution

Helsinki Metropolitan area 16,76716,767
Rest of Southern Finland 8,4618,461
Western Finland 8,9358,935
Eastern and Northern Finland 6,6306,630

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