Effects on the VVO Group


  • Population shift to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is continuing.
  • Regional separation in Finland is strengthening.
  • The risk of segregation between residential areas in cities is increasing.
  • Demand is rising in the largest growth centres.
  • The development volume will remain high.
  • Number of municipalities with business locations will be cut to 30 by 2018.

Smaller family sizes

  • There are more households with one or two people.
  • The number of the elderly is rising.
  • Easier labour mobility.
  • Need for the sense of community and for sharing economy is increasing.
  • In line with the changes in demand, design must aim at smaller floor area and more efficient use of space.
  • The service business will be developed further.
  • More diverse shared use opportunities.


  • The willingness to use electronic services is increasing.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming housing solutions.
  • Telecommuting is increasing.
  • Electronic services will be increased.
  • The requirements of digital solutions will be taken into account in design and service development.
  • Working at home will be facilitated.


  • A large share of growth in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is due to immigration.
  • It is increasingly common for Finns to work in international positions.
  • The use of the English language is increasing.
  • Customer service will be provided in many languages. The use of the English language will become a more everyday phenomenon.
  • Finding an apartment abroad will be facilitated.


  • Individuality is being emphasised.
  • Homing, interior decoration, details and efficiency are emphasised.
  • Kitchens are becoming smaller and integrated with other spaces, and people are spending more time outside their homes, in restaurants and cafés, for instance.
  • Innovative housing solutions and services will be developed.
  • Common areas in properties will develop and become more versatile. 

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