Value creation

With its rental apartments, housing services and active housing supply development, VVO Group creates value for shareholders, customers, other stakeholders and the surrounding society.

A responsible way of working boosts the company’s profitability and builds a solid foundation for future operations, making it possible to increase the number of rental apartments in growth centres.

VVO Group’s key strengths include rental apartments with good transport connections and services, service business development, systematic real estate development, good investment opportunities, and skilled personnel.

Input and resources (internal + external)

Financial capital

  • Equity EUR 1,739 million
  • Liabilities, financial risk management
  • Fair value EUR 4.0 billion

Production capital

  • 41,153 apartments
  • Property portfolio 2.3 million dwelling m²
  • Plot reserve 130,000 floor m²
  • Investments exceeding EUR 230 million

Human resources and competence capital

  • Committed personnel
  • Training input
  • Input related to well-being in the workplace

Intangible capital

  • Customer relationships, cooperation with residents
  • Customer and consumer information, product development, brand​s
  • Ways of working that create market differentiation, such as VVO Home Centres and Lumo

Relationship capital, structural

  • Reliable partner network
  • Cooperation with authorities
  • Cooperation with the sector and other organisations

Natural resources

  • Consumption of heating energy 346 GWh
  • 99% of properties use district heating
  • Water consumption 3.6 Mm³
  • Electricity consumption 50.1 GWh, carbon-neutral energy for property electricity
  • Waste treatment efficiency improvements and pilot projects

Business model


  • 736 new homes
  • 554 renovated homes

Effects on stakeholders

  • Extending range of rental apartments in good condition
  • Safe tenancies
  • Taxes
  • Anti-grey economy work
  • Dividends


  • 12,346 new tenancy agreements, of which 1,431 internal transfers
  • 41,000 tenancies
  • New services
  • New concepts
  • Tenant events and activities

Effects on stakeholders

  • Smooth customer experience, easy everyday life
  • Transparency, support for the sense of community
  • Good place to work
  • Indirect employment effect, 4,500 person-years
  • Reliability when placing orders


  • CO² emissions 54,000 tonnes
  • Waste

Effects on stakeholders

  • Minimisation of energy consumption and emissions
  • Reduction of landfill waste



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